A dramatic hair color for a dramatic moment is the latest trend in Italian football, and a striking one.

    Juventus fans in Turin took to Twitter to express their love for the new hair color.

    The first look is for Juventus players and coach.

    Here’s what the players look like:And here’s the result:Here’s a look at the reaction:And for a moment it looked like the hair color trend was destined to go nowhere, but the reaction is different.

    Juventus supporters took the chance to take a shot at AC Milan’s head coach, Francesco Guidolin. 

    In a tweet from the account @Laviani, Guidolin said: “I don’t like hair, I don’t care what people think.

    I don´t care about you.”

    Guidolin added: “There is no doubt that I am a great coach and I have the power to change the face of the game.

    It´s all about the team.”

    Juventus fans responded in kind.

    “I love you Coach Guido,” one person tweeted.

    Guidola later tweeted back: “We have been together since our youth and I want to thank you for everything you do.”

    The players were also in a good mood after being greeted by fans in Milan.

    “It was a great atmosphere and a great moment,” midfielder Andrea Barzagli said.

    “Everyone in the stadium loved us.

    It was a special moment.

    I am very happy for the players and the fans.”

    Juve players also wore the new color to the press conference after their 2-0 win over Napoli on Saturday.

    “The new color is something that is new to me,” Juve defender Edin Dzeko said.

    “We have to think of the fans as partners and I hope they can support us and give us support,” striker Andrea Barragli said, before adding: “It’s nice that everyone is happy.

    I think it is great for our players.”


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