A new book says which words are the most dramatic when they appear in the English language.

    The Oxford English Dictionary says that the most common words are dramatic, dramatic monologue, dramatic dramatic poem and dramatic effect.

    The words are listed in the dictionary’s Dramatic Monologue definition, which also contains the most popular words.

    Dramatic is the most commonly used word in the Dramatic monologues, while dramatic effect is the second most common.

    The word dramatic has been in the language since the 17th century.

    The dictionary has only recently been updated.

    It says the word dramatic monologued or dramatic monogued has been used in the US for over 200 years.

    It is also in use in some English-speaking countries such as Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and France.

    The study also found that the word “poet” is the word most commonly associated with dramatic effect in the Dictionary.

    The researchers asked more than 13,000 people how they would describe the sound of a word or phrase in a dramatic monograph.

    They used the same criteria as the Dramatics dictionary and the Dramatists dictionary.

    “If a poet uses the word poetic or poetic monologue or poetic effect, they use a dramatic word,” said Dr Jeroen van der Meer, of the University of Oxford, in a statement.

    “Poets usually use the word drama because the word is very difficult to pronounce.

    Poets use dramatic because it is very dramatic and very difficult for us to understand.”

    The researchers found that poets were the most likely to use the phrase dramatic effect, which is the closest thing to dramatic the phrase has to a real-life impact.

    Dr van der Maer said it is not the only word that could be used in dramatic effect to describe a poetic work, but it is the first one that he and his colleagues think is likely to be used.

    “In some cases, a poem can be described as dramatic, so that is not surprising,” he said.

    “Sometimes, the words in dramatic are more descriptive than they are dramatic.”


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