The drama members are overjoyed to have been cast for the part of Mimi, an aspiring dancer who is set to star in a production of Mami in the West.

    The series, based on the Mami manga, will premiere on March 23 at 8 p.m.

    ET on Disney XD.

    “The whole idea is to make a beautiful drama with a modern sensibility,” said Mami creator Kazuo Sasaki.

    “I wanted to make something that would resonate with fans and people who want a different kind of drama.

    I think we’re on the right track with the show, so we’re excited to bring it to viewers worldwide.”

    The series is set in the 1960s and follows Mimi’s struggle to survive a life of being a dancer, living in Tokyo during the era of “Tokyo-ization,” as well as her struggles to maintain her artistic identity as a professional performer.

    The Mami cast includes: Kana Asahara as Mimi; Mina Nishimura as Mami’s boss, her manager; Yuki Hirano as a dance instructor who teaches her a dance to make her dance; and Masahiko Suzuki as her friend, an artist.

    A Japanese-language version of the series is also available on Disney’s DVC app.

    The cast also includes actor and actress Yoko Hikasa, who portrays Mimi in the Japanese dub of the show.

    Mimi is a talented dancer with an unconventional approach to the business.

    She is also a master of the Japanese kendo style, which combines dance with traditional Japanese martial arts.

    The character is also an expert in music, having composed a song called “Dance” that is set for release later this year.

    The show’s story centers around a young dancer who must learn to dance and become a professional entertainer to make ends meet.

    Mami is one of the most well-known characters in Japanese popular culture.

    She has appeared in countless anime, manga and video games.

    She even became a manga hero for a time after she won the Japan’s second highest prize for female artists in 2003, the Yoyogi Award for “The Beautiful Girl.”

    Mimi also made her anime debut in 2005, and the series’ fifth season was the most watched anime on TV, according to Nielsen.

    The new series will be produced by the M.I.A.’s agency, MAMAMOO Entertainment.

    The show is produced by Sasaki, who will also serve as executive producer.MAMI is the latest project to be adapted from the manga by Takashi Takeuchi, who has previously adapted the series for the big screen and will now also be responsible for a live-action adaptation.


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