“A lot of the candidates have made their case.

    I’m not sure I’m in that category.

    I’d like to see a candidate who’s not in that camp, who can explain themselves to the American people in a way that’s not so much that he’s saying ‘I’m a fascist.’

    That’s a tough argument.”

    Trump’s rhetoric on trade, immigration and ISIS have alienated many Republicans who say the billionaire is simply out of touch with the concerns of many Americans, many of whom believe the United States is falling behind in the global race against climate change.

    The GOP field is largely made up of the wealthy and prominent.

    While Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie all ran strong in the primary, they struggled in the general election.

    While many of them were nominated by a Republican, Trump was the only candidate who has yet to formally announce a run.

    Trump was in the early stages of his campaign when he began feuding with Bush, calling him a “low-life” who should be shot in the back and comparing his candidacy to Adolf Hitler’s.

    “I will tell you, I don’t think anybody should run for president.

    It’s just disgusting,” Trump said during a February debate.

    “It’s disgusting.

    It was just disgusting.

    I mean, I know that Jeb Bush would be the last person that I would say that.

    I wouldn’t want to be associated with him.”

    In his interview with NBC News, Trump said he would run for the White House as a Democrat and said he has “some ideas” for a general election opponent, including former Massachusetts Gov.

    Mitt Romney. “But I don


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