The Shout is a genre of popular song in which two or more people sing at the same time.

    The song, popularised in the 1930s, is based on a line from a children’s book by A.A. Milne.

    The line is “What if a shoehorn fell out of the tree and knocked a hole in the side?”

    In recent years, the Shout has been popularized by rock bands, including Metallica and Rage Against The Machine, as well as the video for the hit song, “Shoe Horn”.

    In a recent interview with the BBC, a group of members of Rage Against the Machine (RATM) said they had performed the song as part of a live show.

    “I’m a very big Shout fan and I’m very excited to do it,” drummer Chad Kroeger said in a recent video.

    “It’s a great song to perform live, and I just want to be the one to sing it.”

    The Shout began in the 1940s and is usually sung by the chorus of two people.

    It is used to express shock or sadness.

    The Shoe Horns was originally developed by French mathematician Henri Bergson as a way of making a joke, as opposed to making an actual joke.

    It also is used in some children’s books.


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