A group of art students at the University of Minnesota decided to create an art project inspired by the dramatic situation in which they were studying.

    The project, entitled Dramatic Plays, was inspired by a scene from the upcoming film adaptation of Robert Altman’s novel, The Master and Marguerite: The Play That Changed the World.

    “In a dramatic play, there’s no character and there’s not a lot of dialogue,” said Matt Stromquist, the director of the project.

    “The main character is just a man who just happens to be a dramatic actor.

    There’s nothing special about him.”

    The students spent months creating a play that they dubbed Dramatic Works, and they hoped to use the project to inspire students across the country.

    “We had this very simple idea,” said student Emily Kuznicki.

    “Let’s just start with a really simple, very dramatic idea and then build from there.”

    Dramatic works often involve a protagonist, who is either an actor, a director, or an audience member who is tasked with performing the action of the scene.

    The play, however, was created to show how an artist can make the art of dramatic plays possible without using a traditional narrative.

    “I’ve always thought it’s important to have a voice in the art form that is not just spoken by the artist, but also written by the audience,” Kuzniki said.

    “It’s really about giving the audience an opportunity to participate and make decisions that they don’t necessarily agree with.”

    The play also featured the students’ own voice in their work, which was written in the third person, in an attempt to avoid the type of stereotypical depictions that the students find so appealing.

    “What’s interesting to us is that we really like the idea of the audience, the viewer,” Kudnicki said, adding that the play had the potential to have an impact on other art forms.

    “Art is an art form where you can do whatever you want.

    We thought the idea that you can’t make a play with any of the constraints of the narrative, it just kind of becomes a tool that you use to express yourself.

    We wanted to create a space where people can do that.”

    Dramatically, the students used different visual styles to create the scenes in the play, which were shot with digital film stock.

    “Each of the five scenes has a different color palette and a different type of lighting, and that really helps to get people’s attention,” Kuknicki explained.

    The student artists also used different color schemes to create different images of the play.

    The artists painted their work using a palette of eight different colors.

    The students also created a series of abstract shapes, and added the ability for each character to interact with a character in the scene by painting a letter.

    “You can create a character and then then paint letters on the letters and then paint them together,” Kuhnicki told Newsweek.

    “That’s kind of how you do it in the film.”

    For the first time in its history, the project had the opportunity to collaborate with artists from outside the United States, and Kuznicki said they hope to have other artists from around the world join the students on their project.

    The artist told Newsweek she hoped to eventually collaborate with other artists, but that she hoped that the creative process could become more collaborative.

    “One of the things that I think about in the future is that it’s a kind of creative act that you make, and it’s just as much about the story and about the art as it is about the technology,” K√ľnnicki added.

    “There are a lot more creative processes that I hope we can explore in the next five years.”

    The project is now up and running on YouTube.

    The Dramatic Project on YouTube


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