The first video game to use the word ‘dramatically’ is about to get its first look at its world.

    The upcoming game, called Dramatica, is a musical exploration game where the player controls a band of musicians as they try to discover the origin of the virus.

    The game is being developed by British developer The Lab, which is working on the new version of the popular popular game Journey.

    The game will also have music and sounds designed specifically for Dramatico.

    The team behind the game has already created a series of music videos, called The Musical Journey, which was released in 2015.

    It’s the latest installment in the franchise, and the first of many to come.

    The Musical Storytelling is a collection of short videos and music created for Journey, along with a trailer.

    The Lab released another short video titled The Musical Experience, which showed players navigating a virtual world with the help of a musical instrument.

    The Lab also released a short film, The Musical Musical Experience 2, which featured music and visuals from the film.

    The video also showed players exploring a virtual theatre in which musical instruments are used to play instruments, and other sounds.

    While The Lab is working to create a game that works for Dramatically, it has made no promises that this version will work for everyone.

    The studio is already working on a new version, called Journey 3.

    A trailer for the game, titled Dramaticat , shows players using a musical device, which plays the same notes as the original Journey.


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