By MARK FERGUSONAssociated PressWhat’s more, if your children are being bullied by a clown, they’re more likely to be bullied at school and schoolmates will think it’s funny, according to a study by a leading science institution.

    The researchers say it may be possible to prevent a clown from becoming a threat to others by limiting how they interact with others, and that this approach can also help prevent them from becoming violent.

    “If you can reduce the chances that a clown will act in a violent way toward another person, then you can also reduce the chance that a violent clown will behave in a way that is a threat,” said Mark Fergusson, associate professor of psychology at the University of Utah.

    “And so that’s kind of the idea here.”

    He said that although there are several ways to reduce the risk of becoming a clown or violent clown, it could be possible for people to keep their children safe by limiting their interactions with them.

    “The first step is to limit the amount of time that they have with clowns, and then they can try to prevent their interactions from becoming too much like clowns,” he said.

    “But if you can do that, then the other things that you can try and do, the things that might be helpful, then it’s a pretty easy and simple approach to reducing the likelihood of a clown becoming a problem.”

    The study involved about 2,000 children, ages 5 to 10, from eight Utah public schools.

    Researchers found that, in general, people with younger children were less likely to engage in violent behavior toward others.

    They were also more likely than their peers to report being bullied at work.

    “These findings support the idea that a parent’s role as a babysitter can help to reduce risk for violent behavior,” Ferguson said.

    The study also found that children with less education were more likely, in the long run, to be more likely “to engage in aggressive behaviors toward peers, but they were also less likely, or less likely than younger children, to have been bullied.”

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