Dramatic play preschool was recently crowned the latest addition to the list of films that should be watching this Christmas.

    The documentary film tells the story of a young boy named Noah, who is obsessed with playing a tragic role on stage.

    Noah’s parents, who have no formal education, spend most of their time reading and studying to prepare Noah for the role.

    However, Noah’s father, Noah (Anthony Hopkins), is the one who decides to play Noah.

    The film explores how Noah’s mother, Ruth (Jessica Chastain), has an affair with a wealthy playboy who hires Noah to play the role of the father of a child who has been taken from him.

    While Noah is playing the role, Ruth has to watch her son die on stage and be devastated by her decision.

    Noah ends up playing the father’s son instead.

    In the movie, Noah, his father, and Ruth attempt to save the life of their own son.

    This film also chronicles the lives of other children who are in similar situations.

    As a result, Noah is an inspiring hero and shows that life can be so much more than simply acting.


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