DIMITRY KARENOV/REUTERS A doll that depicts a baby crying is for sale on eBay for $2.9 million.

    The doll was created by the Russian doll company, Demetriya, which has a website that lists its most popular dolls, according to its Facebook page.

    It was originally unveiled in 2016 and was one of several Russian dolls to sell on the site in 2017, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    The dolls have also appeared on Amazon, where they cost $1,500 to $2,000, the ministry said.

    Russian dolls are the subject of protests across the country after Putin, who took power in a 2013 revolution, declared the country a state of emergency in response to a series of protests against the government.

    The Russian dolls were part of a “dramatically” redesigned Russian doll, which was created in 2018, according the ministry.

    Demetria has a number of other Russian dolls on its website.

    It sells dolls and other toys in the likeness of celebrities including actor Emin Agalarov, who is a close Putin ally and who has had a number the Russian President’s official residences in Moscow and St Petersburg.

    In 2016, Russian dolls with a prominent figurehead and the word “Duma” (parliament) appeared on eBay, with one selling for $10,000.

    The other sold for $16,000 in 2016.

    In April 2017, a similar doll with the same face and likeness appeared on the website for $30,000 to $60,000 on eBay.

    The head was cut out and the doll was displayed in the gallery of a museum in Moscow.


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