Dramatic squirrels are adorable little critters, but they also have a dark side, and the dark side can be dangerous.

    A study conducted by University of Illinois-Chicago researchers has found that squirrels with dark eyes can suffer from anxiety, depression and even psychosis.

    These animals can also be difficult to care for, as they have no social skills.

    The study, published in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, also found that even when they do have social skills, they may not be able to manage them.

    The researchers say the results are a warning for squirrel owners to avoid introducing these animals into households where they may have social challenges.

    “Humans are naturally social animals and squirrels should be seen as a companion,” said the study’s senior author Dr. Rana Shaker.

    “They may not have a great sense of smell or be able look at you from the side but they can see right through you, which is very dangerous for people.”

    The study found that black and gray squirrels have a very distinct and distinct eye color that they use to distinguish between different types of prey.

    This makes them ideal for predators, which are able to sense prey’s distance.

    “The black squirrels don’t need to go as far as the gray squirrel, but the difference in their eyes and ears is very striking,” said Dr. Shaker, a University of Chicago professor of psychology and director of the Animal Cognition Lab.

    “These are highly intelligent animals that have evolved to live in close-knit, social groups.”

    Dr. Michael Raskin, the lead author of the study and a researcher at the University of Iowa, said squirrels also have an unusual sense of touch, and they can sense the temperature of a room.

    These senses help squirrels to hunt, and these animals are a great tool for researchers to study how humans perceive and react to the world around them.

    “We can use these senses to create models of how people react when they encounter an unfamiliar species,” said Raskins co-author Andrew T. Jones, a research associate in behavioral ecology at the Center for Behavioral Ecology at the UIC.

    “But we need to be careful not to overstate the potential of these animals.

    There are many other species that are better suited for studying how humans and other species respond to the environment.”

    Researchers said that the dark squirrel’s ability to perceive danger may have evolved from an adaptation for hunting.

    “It’s not surprising that there would be some kind of evolutionary advantage to having this sense of hearing,” said co-lead author Drs.

    David L. Dittman and Brian W. Dyer, both of the University at Buffalo.

    “This is a highly intelligent animal that is able to perceive the danger and the size of its prey and how close it is.”

    The research also found squirrels were able to recognize and communicate with other squirrels by their sounds.

    Dr. Ditman said the finding has important implications for the development of social behaviors.

    “Sociality is a fundamental aspect of social learning, and social learning is an essential component of behavior,” he said.

    “For example, in the squirrel, learning to recognize other squirrel sounds can lead to improved learning in social skills.”

    The researchers also found the dark-eyed squirrels had a very good sense of direction.

    They knew what direction to head and how far away their prey was.

    Dr Shaker said this may have contributed to their high survival rate.

    “In the wild, squirrels will find a nest in an empty tree, so it’s very important that they know how far to go,” she said.


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