Engadgets title An adorable, tiny hamster that’s hidden from camera article News.com.au article Engid, a pet hamster with an adorable face, is a cute little creature that’s been hiding in the background of the above photo for a while now.

    We got our hands on an Instagram video of it, and it really does look adorable.

    We think Engid is adorable, but we have a feeling she might be a little bit too cute for you, right?

    Let’s find out.

    Engid has a cute face and she looks adorable, too.

    We also found out that Engid has the same adorable name as her owner, Laura, who is a veterinary technician at a local animal hospital.

    The vet says Engid “is quite a bit more playful than most.”

    The little hamster is about 10 days old and weighs about 2.5lbs.

    Engid doesn’t have a name yet, but Laura says she’s going to keep her name “in the family.”

    If you’re wondering what it’s like to have an adorable hamster in your house, you can find out more about Engid on EngadGET.

    Engad has more videos of Engid.

    Engad’s cute face is hidden by the camera.

    Engids ears are also hidden.

    Engrid is just as cute as the rest of the family, but you may be surprised to know she’s also an adorable pet hamsterer!

    Engid can be found in a variety of settings, including a bedroom, a living room, or even the kitchen.

    Engiden is a fun, playful hamster who’s perfect for keeping the family together while you go to the vet.


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