Dramatic Wing is a high-end liquid eyeliner that looks and feels like your favorite glitter eyeliner.

    It has a rich, glossy finish and a powder room effect, and it costs $35. 

    It’s available at Sephora for $32.99, but you can buy it online and over the counter at SepHaus for $8.99 a tube. 

    A quick check on the drugstore section of Sephorgas website reveals that Dramatic Powder Room is also available for $22.99. 

    The liquid eyeliners that make up the Dramatic range of products look like your typical glitter eyeshadow palettes.

    They’re not perfect, though, because they can make the eyeliner look a little too powdery. 

    Dramatic Powder room is also a slightly less glittery version of Dramatic Eyeliner, but it costs much more. 

    These products are not as good for people with darker eyes or those who like to blend out their eyes. 

    So how do they compare? 

    In the end, the difference between Dramatic powders and Dramatic eyeshadows is the formula. 

    In a nutshell, Dramatic eyeliners use a slightly thicker formula than Dramatic Eyeshadows, and they have a more powdery finish. 

    That’s because Dramatic Eye and Dramatist powders use an extremely fine, silky powder, whereas Dramatic and Dramatically Eyeliners use very fine, gel-like powders. 

    They also have a much bigger brush. 

    For example, Dramatists are typically much smaller than Dramaties, so they have to go out of their way to keep the brush and powder area separate. 

    When you have a large brush, you don’t need to go to a lot of effort to separate the two, which means you can use them as a blending tool and you can blend the two eyesharks together more easily. 

    One downside to Dramatic eye shadows is that they can be a little on the sheer side, which makes it harder to wear over a lip balm. 

    But that’s a small price to pay when you can get great eyeliner for a fraction of the price. 

    Check out more affordable eyeliner shades at Sep Haus. 

    Read more about eye makeup, eyeliner products, and beauty trends at beautyfactory.com.

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