For most of us, we think of dramatic characters as someone who represents something important or memorable.

    But for those of us who are passionate about storytelling and character, it can be easy to forget that dramatic characters are just as important. 

    So, how do you create a dramatic character?

    Here’s how.


    Step 1: Character Development Every dramatic character has a story. 

    The character must have a name, a story, and a motivation.

    This is an important step because if the character doesn’t have a story and motivation, it will never be able to achieve its full potential.

    In fact, it’s important to have these essential elements in the beginning of a dramatic plot to give the audience the confidence that the character will make a difference. 


    Character Development Through Personality Development When a character is growing, it has the opportunity to have a lot of internal and external development.

    This process is called personality development.

    It’s one of the most powerful aspects of dramatic development, because the more you understand the characters personalities, the better you can create a believable character. 


    Persona Development Through Characters in Motion Characters in motion are defined by their emotional state.

    When a character has been experiencing some kind of emotion, like fear, anxiety, or anger, that character will grow.

    They may also have internal growth, like growing a sense of self, becoming more independent, and becoming more attuned to others. 


    In Character Development Through Personality Development Through Emotion The next step is character development through emotion.

    Emotion is one of our main motivators, but it can also be used to create tension.

    For example, when a character loses their temper, it creates an interesting story.

    When that character has lost their temper and become angry, they may feel as though they are in control of the situation.

    But, the audience will feel that their feelings are justified and that their actions are necessary. 


    Emotion Through Character Development through Internal Development When a person has experienced an emotional crisis, they are likely to have internal and/or external development as well.

    This internal development is called internal development.

    When this character has experienced a crisis, it might have a negative impact on them emotionally.

    But this development is also part of the process of developing character.


    Internal Development Through Character Emotions are an important part of character development.

    But they’re not just a storyteller’s tool.

    They’re also an important tool for character development, since they can help us to understand the character better.

    They also help us understand how our character’s emotions relate to their character.

    So, it makes sense to understand these emotions to create a more believable character, because we’ll be able better understand our characters character.


    Emotion Through Personality Character development through character development is important for the overall character.

    But it’s also a critical part of a compelling story.

    The characters need to grow in order to achieve their goals and have their story come to fruition.


    Character Development In the final step of character creation, it is important to give our characters a reason to live.

    And the most important reason is to make the story compelling.

    For that reason, we should use a number of different methods.

    First, we can choose to use dramatic events to build character.

    This can help to build the stakes for the audience.

    Then, we could choose to create emotional scenes to build tension and tension builds character.

    Finally, we might use dramatic character development to create conflict between two characters.

    9.  Conflict In Character Development We can also use dramatic characters to explore character conflicts.

    For instance, we may use the tension of a character’s fight against their inner demons to create an emotional climax.

    This tension builds the character and ultimately builds the story.


    Epic Character Development – The Big Picture Character development is about building a story around a character, and in turn, a good story is built around that character.

    We often refer to character development as “epic character development,” but it is also important to understand that we don’t have to build a character out of whole cloth. 


    EPIC Character Development


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