A new national poll finds that Donald Trump is America’s worst presidential candidate, with his policies costing the country billions of dollars and costing our country a major victory in World War II.

    The Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey found that while the GOP nominee holds a commanding lead over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, more Americans disapprove of his job performance.

    The survey, conducted in mid-July, found that 61% of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance while only 39% approve.

    The number of Americans who say they disapprove of Trump is at a record high of 62%, which is up from 50% in May.

    The poll was conducted from Aug. 13-17 among 1,012 adults who are registered to vote in the U.S. with an overall margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

    The AP/NORCP poll has a margin of sampling error of 3.8 percentage points, including the design effect.

    The Center for Popular Democracy released a survey this week that found Trump was also tied for second place among the leading Republican presidential candidates among Republicans.

    The group’s survey, released Aug. 9, found Clinton held a four-point advantage over Trump in the Republican primary contest.

    “Trump is still the best hope for the Republican Party,” said Steve Benen, co-founder of the Center for Political Progress.

    “And if you look at his performance since the election, he is still at or near the bottom of most polls, with a much lower approval rating.”

    The AP-NORC survey found a majority of voters believe that Trump has not done enough to help the middle class, and that Trump’s handling of the opioid crisis has hurt the middle-class.

    Among Republicans, 71% believe Trump’s response to the opioid epidemic has hurt middle-income Americans.

    Trump’s overall approval rating was slightly higher among Republican primary voters (45%) than among those who lean Democratic (39%).

    Only 18% of Republican primary vote-getters said they had a favorable view of Trump, compared to 33% of Democratic primary voters.

    In general, the poll also found that fewer Americans view Trump favorably than those who say the same about Clinton.

    Trump also leads among Democrats, although Clinton holds a lead among independents (58% to 30%).

    The AP poll surveyed 1,013 adults on Aug. 17 and found that 56% said Trump was the best choice to lead the country, while 35% said Clinton was.

    The most recent poll, from March 20-22, found Trump with a 3-point lead over Clinton.


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