Bush’s speech to the UN Security Council was a masterful performance.

    He laid out a compelling case for a no-first-use policy in the Middle East.

    He showed the world how he had dealt with the Iranian regime and the Iran nuclear program, even though he himself had once been a strong supporter of the latter.

    He spoke of how he would not hesitate to use the military to protect his country, and how he knew that he would get no support from Iran, despite the latter’s continued support for terrorist groups.

    And he offered a new vision of a world where the United States would not only defend the American people, but that it would be there to defend them as well.

    And he did not shy away from taking a swipe at Iran for its actions against its own people.

    “In this moment, I have a profound respect for those who work tirelessly to build democracy in Iran and the region,” he said.

    “They are the most remarkable people in the world.

    But they are also the most vulnerable, and I have always had an unwavering faith in the resilience of human beings.”

    Bush’s speech came as the U.S. and its allies are preparing to launch a missile strike on Iran in response to the country’s recent ballistic missile test.

    The president told the U: “It’s time for the United Nations to take action.

    We have to take a clear stand against the reckless aggression that is undermining our national security.

    And I have an obligation to the American People to act as soon as possible.

    This cannot wait.

    We must strike Iran.”

    At the same time, however, Bush made clear that he is not prepared to accept the Iranian nuclear deal.

    “We cannot and will not accept a deal that gives Iran the ability to enrich uranium to weapons-grade,” Bush said.

    He added, “I have no intention of allowing Iran to enrich weapons-level uranium to any level.

    I will not allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon.

    We are not going to get them.”

    And the president was not without a few moments of personal flair.

    He made a personal appeal to the young American men who have joined the military, saying that the military “can provide a safety net for our military families.”

    But the most memorable moments in Bush’s address, as measured by the words that were spoken, were the ones that seemed to be aimed directly at the Iranian people.

    He called on them to stand up and fight for their country, to fight for democracy, to help the United Kingdom and other allies, and to support the United Nation.

    He said: “We are stronger together.

    We will prevail together.”

    And he said: We will win.

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