The word “tangya” comes from the Sanskrit word tandu meaning “the earth”, and it comes from “tango” which means “to dance”.

    Tango dancers often use a bamboo mat to dance on the ground.

    However, it has also been used to make tangya eyelashes, which are soft, long, and slightly curled.

    To make tangley eyelash extensions, you need to first use a brush and a brush bristles.

    This process is called “dip-and-fill”.

    When you dip the brush into a mixture of water and a thin layer of oil, it forms a fine, elastic brush.

    You then add a small amount of water to the brush and blend the mixture into the water.

    The final product is called a tangle.

    The technique works because the brush brush has a tiny hole in it that allows water to drip through.

    You can then dip the same brush into another small amount and it will form a big, sticky brush that can then be dipped into another mixture of oil and water.

    This “tangle” of water, oil, and brush is called the tangle, and it is what gives your tangle eyelashes their beautiful shape.

    The best tangle extensions are made with natural, organic ingredients, which is a common method for beauty products, because natural ingredients are easier to find.

    You’ll also want to be careful when using a brush brush because it can cause damage to your skin and cause breakouts, so be careful and be sure to wash your brush before using it.

    If you’re looking to make something new or creative, here are a few tips for getting your tangyo eyelashes done.

    Brush the tangerine into the eyeshadows and eyelash line.

    To create a smooth, natural, and shiny tangle in the eyes, first place your brush brush against a base of water (make sure it’s a small size), then add some water to it, and then gently dip the bristles into the base.

    You should end up with a long, fluffy, and silky-smooth tangle on your eyelashes.

    Dip the tangler into a small mixing bowl or palette, then add the brush.

    Use your brush to create a “drip-and/or fill” with the oil and then dip your brush into the mixture.

    You will end up getting a smooth tangle that is just like the original.

    Once you’ve finished using your brush, you can place the tangylights in a makeup bag, and use a small brush brush to gently brush the tangey eyelids onto your eyelash curl and lash line.

    This will make the tangled look more natural and more like a natural eyelash curler.

    Apply a thin, glossy, and velvety eyelash mascara and lash curler to your eyes.

    These make your eyelids pop with a glossy sheen.

    Apply eyelash gel to your lashes, apply mascara, and make your eyes pop!

    Tip: If you need a little more direction on how to apply your eyelid lashes, here’s a video from Instagram user @felice_kang that shows you how to make a simple eyelash lash curling and curling routine.

    Tip: Make sure you’re wearing the correct mascara for your eyes and eyelashes to avoid clumping up your eyeliner.


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