Renoir’s “Madame Bovary” is known for its haunting, dreamlike images of women and children, but the film also features some gruesome scenes.

    Renoir, who was born in Paris in 1849, was the first female filmmaker to make the leap from the theater to film, producing his first film, “Madam Bovaries,” in 1871.

    Renaud’s most famous short film, the 1927 “A Man in Love,” was a controversial one that featured nudity and was later banned.

    The title character, a married woman named Madame Bovaria, was murdered on a street in Paris.

    Renouf also starred in the 1929 film “The Woman in Love” starring Maria Schneider and Marlene Dietrich, and his career also included the 1934 “Romeo and Juliet,” which he directed with Louis Malle.

    He directed a number of romantic comedies before the directorial debut of his short film “Madonna’s Lover” in 1958.

    After a stint directing television dramas, Renouf made a name for himself in films with female leads, including “The Last Days of the Damned” and “The Rose of Versailles.”

    He made his feature film debut with “The Passion of Joan of Arc,” directed by Renoir.

    The director made his directorial breakthrough with a short film titled “The Bride of Frankenstein,” a love story that was rejected by critics and critics loved it, but Renoir won Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture.

    He was nominated for a Golden Globe for “The Wedding Ringer” and won an Oscar for “A Matter of Life and Death.”

    Renouf’s most acclaimed film was the 1954 “Les Miserables” about a French aristocrat and his lover, which was nominated three times for best picture, and won Best Picture in 1958, but he was also nominated for two Oscars.

    He won an Academy Award for his “Moulin Rouge” and received three Golden Globes for his work on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

    Renoir is survived by his wife, Louise Renoir; his daughter, Yvonne Renoir and two sons, Jean-Michel and Claude Renoir-Dreyfus.

    A memorial service is planned for Thursday, June 16, at the home of Renoir in New York City.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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