A series of scenes depicting a woman weeping in dramatic scenes has been censored from the movie, according to reports.

    In the film, the character of a man in his late 60s is shown in tears, with his eyes wide open and his arms around his head as he cries.

    In a scene featuring a woman, her arms wrapped around her body, her head is tilted back and her eyes are closed, while her body is covered with a towel.

    An official said the scene was edited to remove the tears.

    An insider told The New York Times that the scenes were removed in the final cut of the film and that it was done so as a way to make the film more dramatic and less “dramatically” moving.

    “The editing of the scenes did not result in a very dramatic scene,” the insider said.

    “This is something that has been done for several years now.

    It was done to make sure it was not dramatic, but also to make it easier for the viewer to comprehend and enjoy the film.”

    The actress in the scene who cries in the movie said she was shocked to see the footage in the film being used in the country.

    “It’s not right and it’s not good, and it shouldn’t be happening.

    It’s wrong,” she said. 

    What we wanted to do was to show how a normal person can cope with their emotions.””

    People should be happy. 

    What we wanted to do was to show how a normal person can cope with their emotions.”


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