In early September, Parton’s death was ruled a homicide by the California Medical Examiner’s Office.

    The coroner found that Parton died from multiple blunt-force injuries to the head, neck, and chest.

    As she lay dying, Partone’s husband, Dolly, had performed a show at the Hollywood Bowl, an outdoor venue that was closed to the public and which had been booked as a concert by the Hollywood Tenors.

    Dolly had been in the crowd when Partone died, and as she lay on the ground, he and his bandmates performed a song that had been written and performed by Partone.

    The song was titled “The Mother of All Tricks,” and it was written and recorded by a band that would go on to become Partone and her husband’s biggest hit.

    Downton Abbey writer and performer Jim Shibley, who had been working with Partone at the time, says he was shocked to hear about Partone having a hit song written by her husband.

    “She was such a brilliant woman, and I was very honored to have her writing the song,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

    Shibleys son, David, says that when he heard Partone had a hit, he had no idea it was her song.

    “I was shocked.

    I thought she was such an amazing woman,” he says.

    “When you hear the song, it’s very much about how Dolly would write a song to give Dolly a bit of relief, a bit more perspective.

    I don’t know how she knew that song, but I think it was just a great tribute to her.”

    The song itself was originally written by Dolly’s brother, George Partone, and he and Dolly were married in 1975.

    Dances by Downtont Abbey was produced by Dancer In The Dark’s Peter Grant, who would go onto write and record the movie’s theme song.

    Shiblys son says he had never heard Parton sing before.

    “The song had never been played in the context of Downtons life,” he said.

    “That was something that I was shocked at, because I had never even heard her sing before.”

    Shiblies son says that he found the part about Parton singing the song on Downtonic Abbey to be surprising.

    “They were very sensitive about that,” he recalled.

    “Downton was such great at taking care of the people, and she was very selfless, so she wasn’t really a very sentimental person.”

    Downtony Abbey director Richard Curtis, who directed the movie for four years, says part of the reason he decided to include a song by Parton was because of Partons love of the show.

    “It’s just a very poignant, heartfelt song,” Curtis said.

    Parton did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

    In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, Downtonian actor Dominic Monaghan, who plays Parton, wrote that he “felt that the song was written for her and was in tribute to the show and the great women who had shaped it.”

    He added that the lyrics “were intended for a different time, a different era, a much different setting.

    They are meant to express an emotional response, to be reflective of her time in life.”

    Parton is survived by her daughters, Katherine, Jennifer, and Daphne.

    She is survived in the Downtoning Abbey family by her sister, Mary; sister, Sarah; and brothers, William, Anthony, and Daniel.


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