The new drama series is based on the novel by the French author Anne Rice and features a cast of cats including a “dramatically structured kitten” and a “resembling of a cat” who live in a “highly complex” universe. 

    The new drama will be produced by Ainsley Martin and will be based on Anne Rice’s award-winning graphic novel series Cat’s Eye . 

    The series will be written by Martin and feature a new voice cast including Sarah Greene as an exotic dancer, Mina Nefertiti as a cat in an ancient palace and Nicki Minaj as a petite cat with “fuzzy hair” and “unusual features”. 

    The first season of Cat’s Ear, based on Rice’s novel, was released in 2014 and has been praised for its “sophisticated storytelling, captivating characters, and stunning visuals”. 

    Cat’s Eye is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Video on demand.

    The new series will premiere on BBC iPlayer on Tuesday May 16 at 8:00pm (UK time).