Diners, dine, din, din.

    That’s the phrase used when I’m talking about a movie that has sold more than 30 million tickets worldwide, and has spawned four spin-off films and a television show.

    And, for some, that franchise has come to be known as the Dramatic Murder Kiss.

    And it’s one that I’m pretty excited to try and capture.

    It’s not the best of the Dramatically Murder Kiss movies, but it’s not terrible.

    This is a pretty good one.

    It follows a young woman named Laura, who finds herself in a dark alley, alone, and her new boyfriend is not in the picture.

    In the midst of a murder spree, she has to make the ultimate sacrifice and decide whether to continue on and kill her attacker or to leave.

    It might seem like a strange choice to make, but I think that’s the point.

    If you want to understand the Dramatics Murder Kiss, you have to look beyond the film.

    It has its own story, its own logic, and its own narrative logic, but you have only to read the synopsis and see how well it connects with the story that you’re seeing.

    The Dramatic Questions The first Dramatic question, the one that most of us get to ask ourselves when we’re watching the movie, is, “Who is Laura?”

    The answer to that is Laura, the young woman who’s been searching for a killer who has been following her all her life.

    If I’m the one asking that question, I’m doing it with good reason.

    In a perfect world, Laura would know who she is.

    That wouldn’t be a perfect story, but that’s a story that she wants to tell.

    So, I would be very surprised if she’s not Laura.

    I would think that it would be a very strange place for her to find herself in.

    That is, if you have an answer to the question, “Is Laura Laura?” you know that you know Laura.

    Laura doesn’t want to tell you that.

    She’s not ready to.

    So she wants a different answer.

    Laura is the one who has to decide whether she wants another chance at the truth.

    The second Dramatic Question, the second most commonly asked, is whether Laura is still Laura or not.

    The answer is that she’s Laura, but she’s been changed.

    That question is so obvious that it almost goes without saying.

    But the question has a deeper meaning.

    It is an admission that Laura’s life has been turned upside down.

    The first answer to Laura’s question, that she is not Laura, is also one of the most powerful.

    It opens the door to a deeper understanding of the characters and the plot.

    The other one, Laura’s sister, Laura is now Laura.

    This new Laura has an entirely different perspective.

    She is a different person, and a different sort of person.

    The next Dramatic Quandary The second one is the question of who Laura really is.

    She can’t be Laura, because she’s different.

    She doesn’t exist anymore.

    That second question is a question that Laura must answer in order to survive.

    Laura knows that she has been changed, that Laura has had to make that sacrifice.

    The fact that she hasn’t has made Laura’s mind up about who she really is and what it means to be a different woman.

    That answer is the final answer to this question, which is: Who is Laura?

    Laura is a woman.

    Laura wants to be Laura.

    But Laura is also Laura.

    She wants to do what Laura does.

    But it is Laura who is in charge, and that is what Laura wants Laura to do.

    In order to do it, she must accept her new identity and find the courage to let go of Laura’s past and her past to do her job.

    I think the answer to who Laura is, and why she’s the way she is, is the very first Dramatical Question.

    This answer has two parts.

    The one that you’ll get to know better is the part that you already know.

    The part that’s more difficult to understand is the first part of the answer.

    It says, “She is Laura.”

    It’s the first thing you get to hear, the first answer that you have.

    Laura’s story is told through a series of scenes and moments.

    Laura sees her family, her mother, her father, her sister, her best friend, her ex-boyfriend, her new best friend.

    Laura talks to her ex and her best friends, and she tells them what’s going on.

    Laura gets the chance to learn what Laura has been through, but also she learns about herself, her family and her friends.

    The two of them have an emotional exchange, and it’s Laura’s turn to ask what her family is like.

    Her response is that it’s okay, she’s in charge.

    Laura says she has the right to make her own decisions, and then she walks away.

    There’s something


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