Dramatic music video and song lyrics were written by ancient Egyptians and performed at the funerary rites of the Egyptian Pharaohs. 

    “Dramatic song lyrics and dramatic sound” are words used by ancient Egyptologists and scholars to describe their ancient rituals. 

    They are believed to have been used as a method of communication between the ancient Egyptians, including to communicate about the deceased, and to show the deceased’s connection to the gods, which are represented as statues and images of their deceased gods. 

    One of the ancient gods was known as Khnum, who was said to be the “god of light”. 

    At the time of the death of the Pharaohs, Khnum was worshipped by their Egyptian worshippers, and they would sing to him. 

    The ancient Egyptians would then cut their hair and wear the hair of the deceased in the same way as a mourning ritual. 

    While singing, the Egyptians would cut and cut their head, and also remove the head from the deceased. 

    During the Egyptian death ceremonies, the deceased would be presented with an image of their god and a gift of gold, as well as a stone and a piece of cloth. 

    At this time, the god was believed to be dead, but would revive at a later time, according to an article on the Egyptian mythology by Dr. Susan M. Smith. 

    Dr. Smith, a researcher at the University of Hawaii, says the ancient Egyptian ritual of the hair cutting, as the deceased was identified as the god Khnum and his hair was cut, was based on the belief that the deceased had a physical body that could be returned to. 

    Another theory says the deceased god was called Horus, and his dead body was wrapped in cloth, which could be retrieved at the end of a journey. 

    When the deceased arrived at the afterlife, he would be brought back to life and buried, according the article.

    Dr. Sarah S. Hagan, a doctoral candidate at University of Illinois at Chicago and co-author of the article, said it was very common for the Egyptian people to perform a traditional Egyptian funeral ceremony that was performed in the tomb of the god, the death, and burial of the gods.

    “In Egypt, the gods were sometimes represented as figurative objects that were wrapped in linen and sometimes wrapped in wool,” she said.

    “So the Egyptians could use these objects as symbolic bodies and they could be presented to the deceased as a god or goddess.” 

    Dr Hagan said this tradition was also used in the afterlife. 

    After the deceased died, the Egyptian gods would be taken to the afterlife where they were offered various kinds of food, and there would be a feast. 

    According to the article by Dr Smith, there was also an afterlife where the deceased gods were offered gifts from the gods or animals that they had been given, and the deceased were given food and drink. 

    In a traditional funeral ceremony, the family would gather at a temple and they cut off the head of the dead god, and then wrap the head in a cloth and take it to the burial place. 

    It was believed that the head would be returned at the same time as the body, and that the person’s spirit would return with the body. 

    However, Dr Smith said the Egyptian afterlife was also very different than the one that the ancient Greeks and Romans experienced. 

    She said in the Greek and Roman worlds, the dead would go to the underworld, where they would die and were buried. 

    But in the Egyptian and Roman afterlife, the body would be given to the living god and then it was returned to the dead. 

    And in the ancient Greek and Romans, the living gods were worshipped by the Egyptians, and would be killed by their god or deities, according Dr Hagan. 

    So the Egyptian deities would be very much part of the living deities and the Egyptians in fact were considered part of their living gods, according her article. 

    Some ancient Egyptian funerary rituals included cutting off the hair and cutting off a portion of the head, according to the article from Dr Smith.

    While Dr Hagen said that the Egyptian rituals for the deceased might have been performed in a temple, she said they might also have been done in a graveyard, or even in a field, where the dead were buried and the gods would not be present.

    She said that there were also some ancient Egyptian rites that involved killing animals. 

    For example, in the most common form of the ritual, the people would kill animals that were in the area and then they would go into a field and dig up their own animal carcasses and then bury them in the field. 

    There was also a form of burial that was done in the grave itself. 

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