Twitter has officially declared Beyonce’s controversial speech in New York City on Tuesday a hit.

    The viral video of the Queen of Pop’s address to the city was shared more than 2.4 million times on the social network in less than 24 hours, surpassing her record-breaking performance in 2012.

    In the speech, Beyonce was scathing about the country’s economic problems, as well as about how the country has been treated by the media, which has led to a backlash.

    In her speech, the Queen said: “We live in a time of great change and new hope.

    And this country, this beautiful land, is full of dreams.

    And they are bigger than just a city.

    They are a world that has been broken, and the United States of America is not immune to this.

    We have lost so much, and we will never be the same again.

    And we have no choice but to stand up and fight.

    I want to tell you something that you may not understand, but it’s the truth.

    This is our home, our home is yours. “

    The future belongs to you, Beyoncé.

    This is our home, our home is yours.

    We’re your people, our people are yours.

    And you’re our stars.

    And now, I am asking you to help us reclaim our power.”

    Her speech was a major hit with fans of the pop star and her songs, and with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, which is a reference to the Black Lives Matter movement.

    “It’s about what BeyoncĂ© is trying to say,” Twitter user @taylrulisa tweeted.

    “She’s talking about the oppression of Black women.

    She’s talking to a young woman, a woman of color.

    She is trying, to a certain extent, to be a catalyst for change, but she’s also trying to be one of the voices of resistance.

    Her speech was definitely a powerful speech.”

    In a series of tweets, many of which were from the @toyaland, the singer said:”I think it’s important to make the point that this is not just a Black person talking, this is a Black woman speaking, and I don’t think we have to accept it,” she said.

    And I think we all have a responsibility to keep pushing to keep moving forward, keep pushing forward, and to do what is right.”


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