headline “It’s an expression that has a lot of meaning to me.

    I have never been a fan of the word dramatic,” said James Cameron.

    – The New York Times article The word dramatic is often associated with violence, especially for men.

    It is an old term and it has a long history in English.

    But there is a new meaning to it, said James Carville, a professor at the City University of New York.

    Carville explained that in the 19th century, the word was used to describe a scene where a story was told with dramatic tension.

    When a story is told in a way that is dramatic, it becomes a dramatic story, he said.

    In this context, dramatic violence is used to emphasize the tension of the story.

    And this is something that is very true in the story, said Carville.

    There is no such thing as dramatic murder, Carville said, but violent crime is the result of dramatic stories, not of murder.

    In a similar vein, a British dictionary defines dramatic violence as: A scene of violence where the story is said to have become tragic by the end.

    The dictionary defines a tragic story as: A dramatic, emotional or dramatic situation that is not just a description of events but is also a statement of the character of the protagonist or characters.


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