Dublin man has been arrested on suspicion of killing his partner’s dog after she gave birth to a live baby, it has been revealed.

    The Irish Times reports that Michael O’Neill, of the Lough Corridors, had been in a relationship with the dog, named Lulu, for six months when she gave her due date of February 22.

    He had been using the house as his personal residence and had been living in a rented flat on the corner of Dublin Road and Caulfield Street.

    The woman’s parents were unable to contact her due to the nature of her pregnancy, but when the baby was born, the couple decided to give birth in the car.

    The baby was not given a name and the police say they were not aware of any medical conditions that might have been associated with the condition.

    Mr O’Donnell was arrested at his home on Saturday afternoon, and is due to appear at County Magistrates Court on Monday.