Dramatic novels are a genre that includes some of the most iconic stories in the world.

    Some of the best novels have been written by and about the characters who inhabit them.

    Here are the top 10 books that are considered dramatic, according to a recent survey of the top 100 best-selling novels in the United States.Read more


    What is the ‘Black Death’?

    What’s the meaning of the term ‘Black death’?What is it exactly?Read moreWhat is the meaning?The Black Death was a worldwide pandemic which killed about 200 million people and left millions of others in need of a new way of life.The Black Death killed over two…

    How to take your dramatic hamsters on tour

    Dramatic murder figures, gruesome murder figures and dramatic hamstering figures are all here in the Hamster Gallery collection, available exclusively through NBC News.The collection also includes a collection of dramatic photographs that capture moments that would normally be overlooked in the everyday world, such as…