The Pulitzer Prize-winning poem “Dramatically Monologue” has been nominated for its first Pulitzer Prize for dramatic writing, winning the prestigious literary prize on Thursday.

    The poem, which was penned in 1935 by American poet Irving Berlin, is one of several selections in the new Poetry Slam, a new competition that honors works of dramatic poetry.

    The winner will be announced Monday.

    The Pulitzer Prize is the highest honor for literary fiction in the United States, which has three Pulitzer Prizes, and has been awarded in a variety of categories, including for fiction, poetry and history.

    It’s the second Pulitzer Prize awarded in the genre since the late 1990s.

    The new Poets Slam was announced in February after an extensive selection process that included submissions from more than 1,300 writers and poets.

    In addition to Berlin, other finalists included poet Margaret Atwood, novelist Mary Robinette Kowal and novelist Mark Z. Danielewski.

    The finalists will be honored Monday at the American Poetry Society’s 75th Annual National Awards.

    The winners will be recognized in the fall of 2018 at a ceremony at the National Book Festival.


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