De Nago de Alambrado, an action-adventure film from director Pedro Almodóvar, has been rated R for violent content.

    Almodóveres movie, which is scheduled for release on June 3, 2016, was released to positive reviews and has received positive reviews for its gritty realism and violent, disturbing scenes.

    The film was a huge success in Mexico and worldwide, with the film selling more than 1 million tickets worldwide.

    However, Almodovas film has been slammed by critics, with some calling it “violent, graphic, and misogynistic”.

    Almodozans critics also took issue with the way in which the film depicts rape and sexual violence.

    The film has garnered the support of Mexican feminists, who have criticized the film for its “sensational” scenes.

    One of the most outspoken critics, writer and critic Carmen Yanez, wrote on Twitter that the film “exposes the hypocrisy of feminists and the double standard of feminists.”

    In a Facebook post, Almagro, the director, said that he and his crew were saddened to learn of the negative response of the film’s critics.

    The review was posted on De Naguiras Facebook page in April, and since then, it has been shared more than 2,000 times.

    Almagra said that the criticism was a “very negative reaction” and that the review had been “skeptical”.

    In the Facebook post he added that the movie was made in response to “the current climate, the increasing violence and sexual harassment of women and girls in Mexico, and the way society talks about and tolerates violence against women.”

    Almagro said he and the crew had “tried to be sensitive” and were trying to give their audience a “realistic, sensitive and respectful” experience.

    He also addressed the controversy around the violence in the film, saying that his film does not glorify violence.

    He said that violence is “always a part of life and life is messy”.

    “Violence has no value in my film.

    It is the reality of life,” Almagros Facebook post read.”

    Violent, abusive and misogynist behavior is part of daily life in Mexico.

    It must be condemned and punished,” he added.


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