Twitter has a problem with using hashtags in tweets and is warning users not to read too many of them.

    The BBC reported on Twitter’s recent decision to restrict access to a number of hashtags that are not linked to the person who is the subject of the tweet.

    The account of a man suspected of murdering his ex-girlfriend, a woman who had just given birth to his child, has been blocked.

    The BBC’s Kate Smith said the hashtag was not connected to the murder.

    A number of tweets using the hashtag, @DramaticAgency, were also removed.

    Twitter said it was not aware of the incident.

    “We’re aware of a number and a number have been removed and we’re looking into that,” a spokesperson told Business Insider.

    “We’re not aware that we have seen anything wrong with them.”

    Read more: A woman who died in a car crash and was killed by her ex-boyfriend, the BBC reported, was murdered by her brother-in-law.

    The account of the woman’s brother-composer, whose name is still unknown, was also blocked, and the account of her ex, who was the subject’s ex-fiancee, was blocked.

    Twitter has been using a similar tactic in recent months to block the accounts of several other people who have been involved in controversial social media posts, including those who have used hashtags related to climate change, the Holocaust and the war in Afghanistan.

    “Some hashtags are meant to be very, very general and very vague,” Twitter wrote in a statement to Business Insider, adding that the hashtag blocks have been in place for “a number of months.”

    It’s not clear how many people have been blocked, but the company said it is aware of “a small number” of accounts that were blocking tweets related to the case.


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