The budgeting game of 2018 is already a tough one.

    But a new study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) suggests it’s even tougher now that the federal government is cutting its budget for 2019.

    The budget cuts are so big they are already killing off many small businesses, which will likely see the first cuts in their businesses since 2009, the company wrote in its 2017 report.

    Here are the biggest cuts in 2019: – $2.4 billion to Social Security and Medicare: The federal government’s Social Security payroll tax hike will hit the top 2 percent of earners in 2019.

    That will push the top 1 percent of the economy, which includes many small business owners, into the red.

    – $6.5 billion to Medicaid: The budget for the state and local Medicaid programs is going up by $2 billion.

    This comes after a similar increase in 2019 that will bring the federal contribution for Medicaid up by about $2 million.

    -$2.5 bn to the Transportation Security Administration: The TSA will get an additional $2,500 per employee, bringing the total to about $6 billion.

    -More than $1.2 billion to Medicare: Medicare will see a $2-billion increase, or 2.4 percent, in 2019, bringing its total to $6,300 billion.

    That’s almost a 10 percent increase.

    -The Transportation Security Agency will see its overall budget rise by $1 billion.

    The TSA, which operates at the border with Mexico, will see $1,000 to $1 for every $1 it collects at the airport.

    -Almost $400 billion to veterans benefits: The Department of Veterans Affairs is also getting a big boost.

    The agency’s budget will increase by $500 million, bringing it to $9.3 billion.

    Veterans groups will see their benefits rise by about 6 percent, or $5 billion, over 2019.

    And while that’s a lot of money for veterans to go to pay for, they will be taking a big hit in their pensions, which could result in them not being able to access their benefits until 2024.

    -Other big cuts: The EPA is also losing $600 million in 2019 and $200 million in 2020.

    That means the EPA’s total budget is expected to fall by $4.2 to $4,400 billion.

    And the Department of Health and Human Services will see another $300 million in cuts to its budget.

    -And that’s not all: The IRS is getting a $200 billion budget cut, with the IRS going from a $8 billion to a $3 billion budget.

    That comes after it received a $700 billion budget boost in 2019 under President Donald Trump.


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