The Irish drama of the 1990s is a tale of two halves, a tale set in Dublin in the early 1980s and the 1970s.

    The Irish story tells the story of a man who is born to an English father and a French mother in the city of Dublin.

    He is a child of the war.

    He becomes an Irishman in the 1970’s.

    He meets his wife, a beautiful, talented Irishwoman.

    They become close friends.

    In the 1990’s, he has a daughter with a French husband, a daughter and a daughter-in-law, who become friends.

    He gets married, has children and has two more children.

    The husband of one of the daughters, a woman who is now in her 50s, comes to live with them.

    His daughter gets pregnant and she has a baby.

    The woman is now pregnant with a second child.

    The two children of one woman’s first pregnancy are now in the care of the second.

    This is the second half of the story, which tells of two people who have lived in Dublin for 20 years and are living in separate lives.

    The second half has not been told.

    The story is told from the first person’s point of view, through the eyes of the daughter-wife.

    The daughter-woman is an English woman who has been married to a Frenchman for 20-some years.

    She is very rich and has a beautiful home.

    She has a son, a very good son.

    He has two brothers, and one older brother.

    He’s a good, honest man.

    The son is a little boy who is just born.

    His mother comes to Dublin to visit him and the son.

    They’re having a holiday in England.

    The mother comes back with a message for her daughter: If you’re not happy, you can always come to Ireland.

    She says that the son is beautiful and wants to go with his father and sister to live in Ireland with her.

    The father comes back and tells the mother that if she doesn’t like it, she can go with her son to England.

    She does.

    They both leave, and they go to Ireland together.

    The boy’s mother, however, doesn’t want him to go.

    She wants to stay in England, where she lives with her father.

    She doesn’t understand the father’s reasoning.

    She also doesn’t believe that the father is going to come and take his son.

    She knows that the child is very special.

    She thinks that it is very strange that the mother wants her son with her in Ireland.

    He was born in Ireland, she thinks, because of her mother’s French family.

    The baby boy’s father, however is the son of a wealthy businessman, a lawyer, a farmer.

    He wants to see the boy and is very happy to do that.

    The man has a wife, and the boy has a sister.

    He doesn’t have any money.

    He comes to Ireland and takes the boy to live, to learn English, and to be with his mother.

    It’s a beautiful thing.

    It brings joy to him.

    He loves his mother, he loves the language and the family, he is happy.

    He likes the Irish language and loves the people, he’s very well-to-do.

    He thinks he can learn English.

    He also loves the English people.

    He sees all the beautiful things.

    He looks after the child and the father.

    He spends his time with the child, with the mother, with his sisters.

    They have a beautiful house, a wonderful garden.

    He makes them a great meal.

    He takes care of his father.

    They are very close.

    They make each other happy.

    But when the father goes to France and he’s taken to a doctor and to a prison, the children have to come with him.

    They see how the father and mother treat the child.

    They feel they are going to suffer.

    They say, ‘We are going for the French way.

    We are going in this horrible, dark way.’

    The father has gone to France.

    The children have no family in France.

    They go to a refugee camp.

    They know they have to stay with the French, but they don’t know why.

    They don’t understand it.

    They want to be free.

    They try to get to England, but their father doesn’t come back.

    They find out that the French have taken the boy.

    They get him to an orphanage, and he has to live there.

    He feels a lot of loneliness and he wants to do something to help his family.

    He asks his father for help.

    He tries to find help, but he doesn’t get anything.

    His father is dying.

    The orphanage is in the countryside.

    It is a very bad place, with bad people.

    They take him there, and there is a lot there, but the people there aren’t good.

    They talk about the children, and about the orphanage and about his father’s death.


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