A deadly outbreak of coronaviruses has hit Queensland with more than 500 new coronaviral cases reported across the state.

    Key points:New coronavid cases have been reported since early October in Queensland and it is feared more cases could follow soonIt’s believed at least five coronavides have been recorded in the past 24 hours in the stateThe ABC has obtained new coronapidemics data from the Queensland Health Department.

    Queensland Health Department director general Robyn O’Brien says coronavids have been in the air for more than a week.

    “We are now in the third week of an epidemic, and we’ve had four coronavicides since the end of October,” she said.

    “There is a strong and steady upward trend, which means there is an increased risk of infection.”

    In a statement, the Queensland Government said it is working with the public to reduce the number of cases and increase awareness of the virus.

    “Health workers are working to minimise the spread of the disease by providing the best possible care, monitoring and advice, and working closely with the community,” it said.

    Mr O’Byrne said the Queensland government is monitoring the outbreak closely and is urging people to stay indoors.

    “The public is urged to stay at home, but we’re also urging people who have not been vaccinated to get vaccinated and to get tested,” he said.

    A total of 50 coronavaccine cases have already been reported in Queensland, including six deaths.

    The outbreak has been linked to a new strain of coronvirus, which is a new form of the coronavire virus.

    The Queensland Government has said there are still concerns about how the coronovirus has spread in Queensland.

    “This virus is very dynamic, and it’s really difficult to predict what the outcome will be for each case,” Ms O’Connor said.

    “What we can say is that Queensland has had five cases since the beginning of October and there is a slight upward trend.”

    The Queensland Health Ministry has also issued an urgent call to all health workers to get vaccine and continue to provide the best health care possible.

    “If you have not received your vaccination, you are advised to contact your GP and obtain a copy of your current vaccination record,” it says.

    “It is also recommended that you contact your local Health Practitioner and seek advice from them.”

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