Dramatic Skies is an app for iPhone and Android that allows users to create their own images by snapping photos of the night sky.

    It comes with a host of features including an easy-to-use photo editor, a zoom feature and a sky view, which lets you see the sky in all its glorious glory.

    The app is part of a new series called Dramatic Images that showcases some of the best photography apps for iPhone.

    The app is one of the first to feature the full suite of features available to iPhone users, including a night sky editor.

    With its night sky app, DramaticSky can be used to take the best shots of the sky, which is an important part of photography.

    “We are aiming at creating a platform for the creative industry,” said Samir Kumar, the CEO of Dramatic, in a statement.

    “We will soon release more of our apps in this area and this will allow us to expand into other industries such as film, animation and photography.

    We are also working on integrating some of our other apps with Dramatic to make them even more useful.”

    It’s easy to useWith Dramatic’s sky view feature, you can see what you are seeing on the sky and zoom in to zoom out.

    The zoom can also be used for capturing a specific scene and showing you the full range of sky.

    Dramatic also includes a photo filter that can be applied to the photos, so you can create stunning effects.

    A lot of apps like this exist for Android and it can be hard to find a smartphone app that is fully featured and powerful.

    But Dramatic is a solid piece of hardware, as its feature set is almost unparalleled in the smartphone market.

    This means that Dramatic can be a great option for anyone who wants to capture the amazing night sky without the need for a tripod.

    Check out the top smartphone apps for astrophotography


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