The Lads are a group of men who live in Brooklyn.

    They were born in the 1980s and have lived in New York for almost 40 years.

    They started out as an East Coast gang called the Big Baddies, which had ties to New York’s drug-dealers.

    Their main activity was dealing heroin.

    Then, around 2006, they started to have problems.

    They had to move out of the boroughs, and the city’s anti-gang units cracked down on them.

    They moved into a rented apartment in the Bronx, and one day they started getting into trouble again.

    It got worse.

    One of the men started stealing money from his girlfriend.

    They got into a fight and a fight broke out, and he got shot.

    The other man was shot, too, and was taken to the hospital.

    The cops said that if the cops didn’t help him, he was going to die.

    One night, the cops got a tip.

    One day, they found two more Lads, a 28-year-old man and a 25-year, black man in the middle of a Brooklyn street.

    The men were both homeless, but they were wearing a different uniform.

    The Leds were the only ones who were dressed in different uniforms.

    And the cops were scared of them.

    The police went to the apartment, but nobody answered.

    They came back two days later, with a warrant, and they found that they were in a drug deal.

    They said, “We have a warrant for you.”

    They gave them the money.

    They gave the Leds $3,000 each.

    The next day, the LADS got into another fight with the same guy, and that one guy died.

    The night before, the police got a call from a woman, who said that the LADs were robbing a man on Fifth Avenue, and she said, [He was] the one who shot him.

    The woman said, the other guy was the one that shot him, and [the other] LAD was running with him.

    Then the LEDs got into this fight with him, too.

    The cop was scared of the Lasses, and after the fight, the cop went to get the other LADS.

    He was shot twice in the chest.

    The officer told the Ladders that if they didn’t cooperate with the cops, they were going to shoot him.

    They refused to cooperate.

    So, the officer put a gun to the LALS head, and it went off, and then they ran away.

    He died on the way to the morgue.

    The first night they got into trouble, the two Lads took the cops to a building in Brooklyn that had been used for prostitution.

    There, they told the cops that they got busted, and police came.

    The man they were arresting was arrested.

    The arrest officer said, The LADS stole $25,000 from the victim.

    They stole $1,500 from him, $1 in cash, and $1 worth of jewelry.

    He had $3 in cash and $500 in jewelry.

    The arresting officer said that they had a warrant.

    They put the LALs in the back of a squad car and drove them to the precinct.

    Then they said, We’re going to have to go to trial, so we have to come up with $1.5 million.

    They agreed to pay the money to the victim’s family.

    They called the police, and within two hours, the officers were there.

    The officers put the victims names and addresses on the witness stand.

    They told the court that they took the money and took the Lals to the Bronx.

    They took the victim to the police station, and when he saw the LDLs, he ran away, and eventually the LLs ran to the Brooklyn Police Department.

    They showed up at the station the next day and they said that, You know, we got a warrant and we got arrested for a $1 million drug deal in Queens.

    They handcuffed the LLDs and put them in the police car, and put the car in a squad.

    At the station, the judge read out the warrant, saying, You can’t take a person to trial unless you have probable cause.

    And he said, Well, we don’t have probable case, because the Llads have not yet admitted guilt.

    The judge ordered the LLEs to stand trial.

    The second night, they had another fight, and two of them got shot and died.

    Then at midnight, the third night, another fight.

    And another one got shot, and another one died.

    By now, the court had heard a total of eight cases, and each one was dismissed.

    The defense lawyer asked why the judges weren’t bringing more cases.

    The court said, They don’t like the fact that the police officers are getting out of their cars, because it is not an efficient way to


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