Channing, 42, stars in Disney’s Mulan, which opens this week, and she talks about her new role as a martial arts instructor in the movie, which she said was a huge challenge and helped her learn how to do martial arts.

    Channing tells Entertainment Weekly that it was a “huge challenge” learning how to dance in martial arts because “you don’t see that in real life.”

    When she was asked if she’s getting better at martial arts, Channing responded, “I do get better.

    I’m more skilled.

    I’ve done some stuff like this before, so I’m used to it.”

    Channing also talks about how her role as the martial arts teacher was a great opportunity for her to do something different.

    “You don’t really see that with real martial arts training, you can really do it yourself,” she says.

    “I really wanted to do it in a different way because it’s different, and it’s a lot of fun.

    You don’t get to do a lot on set, you’re on your own, and you’re very vulnerable, and I really enjoyed doing it.”

    The movie is directed by Jaden Smith, who wrote the script with Justin Kurzel and is also directing the feature film adaptation.

    Chan is one of only two female directors in the history of the film, the other being Sam Mendes.

    “It was a really difficult movie to do because we wanted to make a really special film,” Chan says.

    The martial arts scene was filmed in the desert.

    Chan, who has a degree in kung fu, says that filming the scene in the middle of a desert is “really cool.”

    “I got to be a part of that environment, to be able to see how people live and breathe,” she adds.

    Chan also talks a lot about the role of a female lead in a film, and the challenge of having to do “the best job of a male actor.”

    “Theres always going to be people that are saying, ‘It’s just a woman.’

    It’s not the same,” she tells EW.

    “People will be like, ‘Oh, I know that woman, I’m the woman.

    I can see that.'”

    Chan has spoken about how she was very much inspired by martial arts and that she thinks the martial art of Kung Fu is “one of the best.”

    “It’s something that I really, really love,” she continues.

    “There are times where I’m just watching something and it just blows me away and I can’t stop.

    I just want to keep going.”

    Chan also spoke about her upcoming projects.

    She is in the midst of writing and producing a TV series, and says that the show is about the martial artists who “don’t take anything for granted.”

    “We are all very aware that we don’t always have everything in life,” Chan tells EW, “and that it’s always a battle to figure out who we are, and how we want to live our lives.

    I think we have the tools to do that.

    We have the skills and the passion to get there.”

    Chan is repped by ICM Partners and Management 360.


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