On the second day of the solar eclipse, the moon will appear in the east as well as the west, creating a dramatic opening for people around the world.

    In the US, the path of totality begins in the Pacific Ocean in New Zealand and ends in Hawaii.

    On the Australian side of the country, totality ends at the Northern Territory border and begins in Queensland, Australia’s largest city.

    In Canada, totality is also expected to start in Montreal, Montreal’s capital, and end in Edmonton.

    But for many people in Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere, the eclipse will be a bit more of a surprise.

    “It will be like the opening of a new world,” said Andrew Jones, an astronomy professor at the University of Western Australia.

    “For some people, it will be kind of like an eclipse that’s very familiar to them.”

    Jones says people around Australia will be able to observe the eclipse in their own homes, even in a dark room.

    However, many people won’t be able see the sun for the first few hours after totality ends.

    “The best times to be out in the open are at sunset and early morning,” Jones said.

    “But in some places, like Victoria, that’s not really possible.”

    The most popular locations for viewing totality include beaches, parks, beaches and parks, he said.

    A few areas in northern New South Wales, for example, will see some light pollution.

    “You’ll see some areas of darkness in some parts of the city that will have to be protected,” Jones told Al Jazeera.

    “Some parts of New South


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