New York-based makeup artist, Daphne Piazza, is among the makeup professionals who are taking a more serious approach to their makeup, starting with dramatic weddings.

    Piazzas creative team includes a handful of renowned makeup artists, including her husband, Michael Piazzi.

    Pied Piper Cosmetics, a makeup line for which she is a founder, started the trend with its 2017 collection, which featured bold, dramatic-themed wedding makeup.

    The Pied Piper collection is made up of six color and glitter-filled, glitter-free and shimmer-filled lipsticks, lip glosses, lipglosses, blush, bronzer, powder, eyeshadow, lip color and eye shadow palette.

    Pies stunning look for the bride and groom is inspired by the work of famed French artist, Jean Lautrec.

    The bride, who was not identified in the photos, is wearing a gown and a gold tiara adorned with gold flowers and flowers on a silver chain around her neck, a red satin veil, gold and pearls earrings, and a rose in her hair.

    The groom is wearing the same look as the bride, a blue tuxedo and matching hat with gold, blue and pink flowers, with a small gold flower pinned to his lapel.

    “It’s definitely a dramatic wedding look,” Piazas said.

    “The color is a bit bolder than it would normally be, but the glitter is just so vibrant.

    It’s a very sophisticated look.”

    For the bride’s makeup, the duo combined the color of the flowers and the gold and pearl earrings.

    The pair is wearing matching wedding dresses and a white dress with the red and gold flower pin.

    Piasque Wedding Makeup The bride and her bridegroom are joined by their two maids, the groom and his bride, and the bride herself.

    The two women and their maids wear matching dresses, which is part of the elaborate look.

    In the same photo, the bride is wearing an ivory-tipped black dress and matching heels, while her maids are wearing a matching black dress, which adds a bit of dramatic flair.

    “I think it’s more of a bolder look,” she said.

    Daphnes signature look is more playful than traditional wedding makeup looks.

    “We wanted to make it really playful, but we also wanted it to be elegant,” she explained.

    I wanted to keep that, and I also wanted to be creative.” “

    In my personal life, I’ve been known to have very formal, elegant, pretty, high-class looks.

    I wanted to keep that, and I also wanted to be creative.”

    Daphnea Piaza is among a growing number of makeup artists who are starting to take a more dramatic approach to the look of their makeup.

    Pines stunning look with her husband Michael Piaszzas, who also helped create the Daphnés signature look.

    The look features a bold, glittering lip color, a pink lip gloss, a deep pink blush, a shimmery bronzer and glitter.

    “For the bride to look fabulous, I thought it would be appropriate to use this as a bridal gift,” Piaszas explained.

    Pressed by The Daily Mail on her use of dramatic makeup, Piazes husband, a jewelry designer, explained the inspiration for the look came from Jean Lattre.

    “Jean Lattré’s palette has a huge influence on the way I do things,” Pies husband, who is also an artist, told The Daily Mirror.

    “He was always very interested in looking at people, and he was interested in all the little details that make people special.

    It was just the way they looked. “

    One of the things I loved about his paintings was the way he used the shadows.

    It was just the way they looked.

    I used a black shadow for the hair, which was a very light shade of brown, and then I used shimmery red and green eyeshadows.

    Piazzo’s husband, an avid collector of vintage makeup, is also a fan of Lattres works. “

    There are so many different types of colors and shapes that I can use, so I really loved how they combined.”

    Piazzo’s husband, an avid collector of vintage makeup, is also a fan of Lattres works.

    “My wife and I were looking for a very simple, classic, low-maintenance wedding makeup that we could use and have a lot more fun with,” he told The Mirror. 

    Daphne and Michael Piedzis stunning look is inspired both by Jean Lappre, a renowned French artist. 

    Piedz and Piazi’s wedding makeup look was inspired and developed by Jean-Louis Piaszi, who had an interest in


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