In this week’s episode of the Business Insider podcast, we explore the best-selling song from Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo.”

    In it, West sings about an unnamed man named Light who, according to the narrator, wants to “give everything away.”

    The narrator then describes the music video, which features a dramatic sequence of footage of West walking through a crowded street.

    The song, titled “Lights,” has since become a worldwide sensation.

    West has been lauded for the music, and the video has been viewed more than 3.5 billion times on YouTube alone.

    But the video is actually based on a fictional character named Light, a song by the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

    The narrator, a narrator named Mr. Robinson, tells the listener that Light is actually a “dramatized version of a character from Tupac’s ‘Bad Boy'” album.

    The music video is narrated by a narrator who plays a voice-over that is similar to a Tupac-style rapper.

    Mr. Robot star Tyrell Emmerich plays the narrator.

    Tyrell explains that the video was created by West and his team to “teach the viewer that they’re not the only ones who have the power and privilege.”

    “It’s the ultimate power-grab.

    This is what makes you think that you can change the world and change things, because it’s true,” Mr. Emmeriches said.

    “And we all do it every day in our lives.

    I mean, every day.

    This power grab, this power to do this, is all over us.

    And so we wanted to make sure that people understood what that is.”

    The scene of Light being chased by two men in a dark alley in the video.

    It’s not the first time Mr.

    Robinson has been credited for the character in the music.

    In 2015, he told BuzzFeed News that he “wrote a song called ‘Lets Play’ about Tupac.”

    Mr. Robinson told Business Insider that he did not direct the music in the new video.

    “We didn’t even think of the song as a film.

    We just wrote the music and the lyrics.

    We didn’t really think of it as a musical.

    It just sort of came naturally to us,” he said.

    In a 2016 interview with The Atlantic, Mr. Harmon said the music videos for “Lets” and “The Blacker the Berry” were inspired by the Tupac songs.

    “I love ‘Bad Boys,’ but I was also listening to Tupac and the ‘Bad’ Girls,” Mr Harmon said.

    When asked about whether the music was intended to be a spoof of the rapper’s music, Mr Harmon replied, “I think it’s more a parody of what the rapper would have been like.

    I’m not saying it’s a parody, I’m saying it is more a tribute to what Tupac was like.”


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