The internet is now awash in a vast and growing collection of viral memes.

    And if you want to get to the bottom of why some people have so much fun using them, this post is for you.

    But the Internet, it turns out, has its own set of rules.

    This is the reason that, for instance, some people are still madly in love with the idea of the “Dramatic Flare” meme.

    And they’re probably right.

    Here are some of the rules we’ve found to help explain them.


    A viral meme isn’t a real thing.

    The idea that something can exist on the Internet is ridiculous.

    The fact that there’s an entire community of people making it and making it good is a testament to the Internet as a whole.

    If we’re being serious, the entire internet has grown to a size that only a few people can control.

    It’s like the internet is a giant version of a small town.

    If you’re not in the know, you’re probably not going to be the first person to see something like this.

    And the idea that this thing exists is just a bunch of people trying to get attention for something that’s just not true.

    There are a lot of memes out there, but they’re just not real.

    That’s why the “dramatics” meme has been the subject of so much ridicule.

    People have made fun of it for years.

    They call it a “drama” because it involves the characters in a very dramatic way.

    But if you go back and read those articles that people are writing about it, they all say the exact same thing: It’s a fake meme.

    It is a fake.

    You can’t use it in a way that you would expect a real meme to be.

    And it’s really annoying when people are saying it’s not a real phenomenon.

    We’ve been seeing some of that with the “I’m A Guy” meme and the “Howdy, It’s You” meme, but the “crazy” meme is also a real one.

    A lot of the humor that people seem to get behind is a result of people who don’t really understand how the internet works.

    So if you don’t understand how it works, you can get really, really, badly annoyed.

    If there are a ton of people involved, it’s even harder to stop.


    You shouldn’t use a meme that has been around for a long time.

    You’re not going a crazy viral viral spread, you just want to use something that works.

    If it doesn’t work, that’s a sign that it’s a good meme and it’s unlikely to become popular.


    You should only use memes that have already been used a lot.

    The Internet is a place where people come together and try to make something.

    If people have been using a meme for years, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out how to apply it.

    There’s just a whole lot of ways to make it work.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s just one word, or you’re doing a cartoon or you’ve just written a short story or you did a blog post.

    If someone has used it in the past, it should be easy to apply.

    You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you change a meme.

    You just need to make sure you’re using something that you can work with.


    You need to be careful with what you use.

    There is no magic formula for how to make a viral meme.

    People can use whatever is in their head at any given moment.

    If a meme is already popular, it may not work the way it used to.

    And so when it does, people often use it to create a new meme.

    But that’s the kind of thing that will go on to become a meme, too.

    It may work better the next time you use it, but if you use the same one in your next post, people will recognize it and think, “That’s the one.

    That got me really excited.”

    That doesn’t mean that the new meme is going to look exactly like the original one.

    It just means that you’ll be able to keep using it.

    That doesn-t mean you’re going to do something crazy with the new one, either.

    It means you’re trying to make the old meme work, but that you’re also trying to change the meme to something else that people can understand.

    The same applies if you’re working on something that is a little less popular, but still works.


    You have to be aware of the audience.

    The audience that people gravitate to online are the people who know what the memes are about.

    They can tell when a meme has become popular, because they’ve been using the meme for a while.

    The people who haven’t used the meme, on the other hand, are people who are trying to


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