A gopher is one of the most photographed animals on Earth.

    A video posted to Instagram by the gopher enthusiast and photographer James Bostwick shows a racoon trying to grab his leg, before he falls off and into the water.

    Bostwicks account has garnered more than 1.2 million likes since it was posted on Friday, and has been shared more than 2.7 million times.

     Bostwick says the raccoon was a resident of a suburban community near his home in the US state of Florida.

    “I had a gopher named Mr. Biggie, I had a raccoon named Mr Biggie,” Bostwig said.

    “I have a couple of raccoons and they were my best friends, and he was my best friend.”

    It’s kind of hard to describe.

    It’s like a small dog, but I couldnt believe it.

    I have a big heart, and I was just so proud of him.

    “Bostwigs account has received more than 4,700 likes and nearly 2,500 comments.

    The animal was first photographed in 2010, and Bosts latest photo shows him and his gopher with the racoon as they play.

    Bustwick said he and his family had recently moved to Florida and had been planning a trip to his hometown.

    The raccoon and gopher are among a number of animals Bost said he has photographed since 2010, including elephants, bears, crocodiles, birds, dolphins, lemurs, wolves and hippos.

    Bustwick was one of four photographers in the Guinness World Record book this year, beating a number from Russia and the Philippines.

    He also won the 2014 National Geographic Photography Award for the photograph of a baby gorilla that he snapped while covering the inauguration of then US President Donald Trump.

    But he is most famous for his photograph of an African elephant, which was published in The Washington Post in January.

    Read more about the world’s famous gophers and animals here:


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