Drama and beauty in all its forms, whether it be on stage or in the studio, are as much about what’s happening around you as what’s on the stage.

    So how do you create that mood?

    That’s what the new makeup tutorial series from The Globe and Mail looks to answer.

    The Royal Wedding makeup tutorial show begins with an introductory look at the various shades available to viewers and then goes on to cover some of the most iconic shades, including the iconic red lipstick, which was inspired by The Princess Bride.

    You’ll also be able to pick out a new look for your lips, cheeks and eyes with a wide range of makeup tutorials that look at how to create the right look for any occasion.

    Here are some of our favourites:Dress your face to the nines with a classic ‘Royal Wedding’ look. 

    With a range of shades, from deep red to pink, pinky red to bright purple, there’s no one look that will suit everyone, but we’ve got you covered!

    In the studio with a new palette, create a glamorous look that’ll look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

    Grab a palette from the best-selling line of Beautyblends, and get your lips and cheekbones the ultimate look.

    Find out how to build your lips with a lipstick from the show’s creators, and then use this look to complete your look.

    Want to know what to do when you’ve got a little extra time on your hands?

    Try this look for the perfect way to finish off a date with your sweetheart.

    We’re so excited to bring back The Royal Wedding makeup tutorial!

    So how can you get your hands on some of these lovely new tutorials?

    Visit Beautyblenders, and the Royal Weds beauty products range, and browse their beauty and beauty accessories, and be sure to use their online gift shop.

    If you’ve never had a makeup tutorial before, now is a great time to start.

    The tutorials are now available to download, so download your favourites now.

    Watch the first Royal Wakes makeup tutorial below.


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