On Monday, Ars Technic’s sister publication, GameInformer, reported that developer Tango Gameworks is developing a game called ‘Killer Instinct’ for PlayStation 4.

    The title is based on the ‘Killing Floor’ video game series, and the game will feature a variety of “killer Instinct” games like the recent ‘Dead Rising 3,’ ‘Sucker Punch’ and ‘Punisher 2.’

    Tango’s CEO and co-founder, Andrew Jones, told GameInventors that the title would be the first of a series.

    Jones explained that the game’s main focus was to “improvise a compelling story.”

    Tango Gamets games, as the name suggests, are all-in-one, in-house games.

    The studio is also known for its ‘Monster Hunter’ series, a series that features monster-killing games.

    Tango also has games in development for other platforms, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which will be showcased during the GDC keynote in a couple of weeks.