Posted August 03, 2018 03:30:14The New York Times has been busy promoting its new drama series “Drams With Drams” with a big bang!

    The show is set in an alternate universe where women are not only still allowed to drive but they’re also allowed to play games and watch movies.

    “It’s the first show that really talks about gender in a real way,” says executive producer, Emmy-winning writer and producer Sarah Sisk.

    The show’s first season premiered on September 6 and will premiere on Netflix on September 9.

    The first episode is titled “Dramatization,” and it stars actress Anna Merlan as a newly minted police officer named Olivia.

    “I am excited about this series because we have this incredible opportunity to explore a really important part of our society and it’s very exciting,” she says.

    “Drama is very much the opposite of a soap opera or a television show, where you’re telling a story in a certain way and it is very different.

    This is the first time that we’ve really taken a look at it in a really serious way, and it has a lot of power and it gives us an opportunity to be so honest about who we are and what we want to achieve in our lives.” “

    A lot of people feel like it’s not safe for women to be on the street or to have power in their lives.

    This is the first time that we’ve really taken a look at it in a really serious way, and it has a lot of power and it gives us an opportunity to be so honest about who we are and what we want to achieve in our lives.”

    Sisk has been a feminist activist for years, and her new show is no exception.

    She says she started to see how the patriarchy was treating women like slaves after she became a mother and started to have conversations with her daughters about what they should be doing to achieve the same things that they wanted to do.

    “They were so proud of what they were doing,” Sisk says.

    “[I realized] that women were not being given the opportunity to pursue the dreams they wanted.

    It’s a really powerful and empowering thing.”

    Merlan plays Olivia’s boyfriend, Michael, who is also a cop.

    “She is the most beautiful man in the world and she is a cop,” Siscovitz says of the character.

    “We really get to see her as a young, innocent young woman who really wants to be a cop and he is so passionate about what he’s doing.

    I just feel like there’s a great depth to her, and I think it’s really exciting to have a female character who is able to take on that role.”

    As for the character of Michael, “I wanted to show her being really honest, that she has her flaws and it can’t change the fact that she’s a good person and that she is doing good things for people,” Sisks says.

    The two will have to deal with Olivia’s parents’ death and her father’s struggles with PTSD and mental illness.

    “There’s a lot going on for her parents that’s really affecting her and for her family,” Sisky says.

    Merlan’s character, the show’s main character, is also very much a woman.

    “In terms of what she is, I wanted to be able to explore that as a character and it was really fun to explore the complicated relationships that she and her parents have and to try and put a little light on that and be more open about the stuff that she does,” Sisco says.

    A woman is not just a woman who drives a car, says Sisk, “she’s a woman with a sense of justice and a sense that she deserves her own life and that her parents deserve her own lives.”

    Merlanes family and Olivia’s friends have some tough decisions to make about what to do with her newfound power.

    Sisk explains: “In this world, we have no way of knowing what our future holds, so this is very important to explore, but the most important thing is to be present.

    We really have to have these conversations with ourselves and with each other about who’s going to be the next leader and who’s not.

    And what we’re trying to do is to show you that the choices you make in this world can be really important in terms of who you become.”

    “Dems of Drams,” is one of the few shows that deals with the gender politics in our own time.

    “The way that we deal with it in our culture today is really incredibly challenging,” Sissel says.

    It is a show that has been described as a “feminist manifesto,” but Sisk cautions that she “didn’t want to be like, ‘Oh, you know what?

    Let’s have all the women talk about everything.’

    That’s not what this show is about.

    This show is not about what it means to be female.

    This episode is really about, ‘Why does this happen?'”

    Merlan says that her character’s gender doesn’t play a


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