The Daily Stormer’s James Damore, who was fired from his job for his “anti-woman, anti-Semitic” views, posted a video online today that falsely claimed the Daily Stormers founder had been killed. 

    The video, which was posted on YouTube, features a screen grab of a Daily Stormering post written in April 2017 in which Damore said he had been fired from the company. 

    “James Damore has been killed in a plane crash in Turkey,” reads the caption to the video. 

    Damore’s comments came as the White House said the “alt-right” hate group has been “exposed as a hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

    Drew Angerer/Getty Images “The alt-right hate group is an extreme right-wing movement with ties to the alt-left, but has been exposed as a white supremacist hate group by the SPLC,” the group’s executive director, David Duke, said in a statement. 

    In addition to the claim of the “death of James Damor,” the video also falsely claims that the “Trolls” were also killed in the crash, despite there being no such claim in the original post. 

    It claims Damore “died in a crash” on the same day that he was “discharged from his position at Google” and “his firing came after he made anti-feminist, anti–Muslim, anti—Muslim and anti-black comments in the past.” 

    Damores family has also confirmed that his body has been found, though his death was not immediately clear. 

    At the time of his firing, Damore had been a senior developer at Google’s engineering team. 

    As he was the company’s head of engineering, he had the power to hire and fire employees, as well as the authority to hire from outside the engineering team as he wished. 

    But in February 2017, Damor allegedly posted anti-Muslim and other anti-Arab messages on Google’s internal messaging system, which led to the firing of some of Google’s top engineers, including a senior executive, Marc Andreessen. 

    Google later told Damore’s family that he had also been fired, and that Damore would be reinstated. 

    He was later reinstated, but after his firing Google began to investigate claims that Damores comments and actions had hurt the company and its relationships with its partners and customers. 

    After the firing, Google suspended all employee participation in the Google Engineering team until Damore could return to his former position. 

    Following his firing by Google, Damores former wife, Anita Sarkeesian, began a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to support his legal fees, and also sought to get the company to reinstate Damore as a senior engineer. 

    According to The Daily Beast, Google later said that Damors firing was related to his advocacy on the subject of diversity and inclusion in the company, but did not provide a specific reason for his firing. 

    During the 2016 presidential election, Trump had repeatedly called for Damore to be fired from Google, and he subsequently asked for the company “to fire him, or suspend him for life, for his repeated failure to provide unbiased and objective information to the public, the media, and to Congress about bias and bias-related misconduct on the part of Google.” 

    Damore’s dismissal has not been officially announced by Google or the White the WhiteHouse, and his family has not responded to The New York Times request for comment.


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