Students at the University of Pennsylvania are using the internet to get the most out of their writing and it seems like everyone has a story about how they did it.

    But it turns out there’s an even better way: with a dramatic monologue.

    The students are using “the best monologue” to get their job offers.

    The college is calling it “the monologue as a way of getting into your writing and the students are not alone,” Vice News reports.

    “You need to have a story to tell and you need to tell it in a dramatic way,” said Sarah Stiles, who has been studying drama at the university since 2012.

    “And what we found is that by writing a monologue in the voice of a character, you can tell your story in a way that will actually help your character.”

    Stiles said that the students were using the same method that she used when she was hired as a full-time teacher at a private school.

    Stories that fit the characters are not always about how she got there, however.

    Students are using her work as an opportunity to ask questions and have their own ideas.

    “They’re just really digging into this character, really digging, really, really deep into it,” Stiles said.

    This was not the first time that Stiles had used her monologue to get her job.

    In 2014, she wrote a one-sentence letter that was accepted into a competition.

    While writing the monologue, Stiles was struck by how the students’ stories varied.

    “One student said it was very clear that she had been a victim of sexual assault,” Stokes told Vice News.

    Another student said she was fired from a school after saying a classmate’s name and that she did not want to continue her education.

    She wrote back to her boss with a question that could have been answered with one sentence: “Why did you choose me?”

    It’s not the only way to tell a story, either.

    A group of students at the New York University Graduate School of Journalism are using their story telling abilities to get jobs.

    “It was not always this way, but now that we have the opportunity to be students in the classroom and work with people from different backgrounds, it is much more important that we use this opportunity to tell our stories,” said Liz Schatz, who is a student in the Graduate School.

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    They’re using their writing skills to get into their writing jobs.

    And it’s not just their work that is inspiring, either: some students are even doing their own stories.

    For some students, this is a chance to find out what they can learn from a fictional character, even if they don’t know that character’s name.

    A group of 20 students at Boston University is using the writing skills they learned from their fictional teacher to help them find jobs in the future.

    Boston University students are teaching their story-telling skills to help students who are applying for jobs.

    Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are using an online forum to get advice from real students about how to get a job. 

    “We are looking for students who have an interest in storytelling and have some experience in writing and creative writing,” a spokeswoman for the university told Business Insider.

    Some of the students at New York College of the Arts have their students using their stories as their starting point.

    “We’ve seen some students take on projects, they’ve had to write an essay and then they go back to the writing of the work and they try to make it more realistic,” said Elizabeth Kornel, who teaches creative writing at the college.


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