Amber Sweet

Amber Sweet

AMBER SWEET is an actress, writer, and a producer.

Her award winning short film THE SPACE BETWEEN was an official selection at 11 festivals and took home multiple wins, including best actress and best in festival.

She took a two year career hiatus, after being thrust into new motherhood. Now that her son is a toddler, he’s fairly self-sufficient and wants to do most things “by self” anyway, so she’s back in the game.

Amber’s recent credits include the female lead in STAKEOUT (Jeremy Sumpter, Tom Berenger) and HELL ON THE BORDER (David Gyasi, Frank Grillo), where she plays the infamous outlaw, Belle Starr. She is currently pitching an original TV show she developed, and writing her first feature.

“Amber is an artist. Her true love is acting and it shows in her devotion to the craft. Within her you will find a raw, controlled, intense conduit for expression. She elevates material and gives her characters depth and nuance through thoughtful, developed decisions. Those decisions are free from fear, preconceived notions and barriers. Her talent challenges you on a core level to be a better director, a better writer, a better artist – and that collaboration process is priceless. ”
-Samantha Covington (Writer/Director)

“Amber is a rare talent and a joy to work with. She is truly dedicated to her craft. She creates each role with precision, professionalism and a flare for the unexpected.”
-Tiffany Gray (producer)

“Not only is Amber overflowing with talent, but she is one of the hardest working and fastest learning actors I’ve ever directed.”
-Brad Gottfred (Writer/Director/Producer)